Minutes from January 24, 2014 Meeting

Members discussed possibility of getting together for a couple of hours in April to make chocoate bowls for the ice-cream social.  Below is a link to show how simple that would be.  With 13 of us working together in the cafeteria - we could whip these out and have an awesome event! :)

NHS Meeting

January 24, 2014


Present:   Corbin, Brian, Garrett, Morgan, Melissa, Jenny, Taive & Bailey

Absent:   Taylor and Beth


1st Item:  Brownies:  JoAnne Roelle has offered to bake some of the brownies for our fundraiser.  We will end up with ten 9x13 pans.  We plan to cut each pan into twelve pieces, and will sell them for 50cents each.  MAKE SURE YOUR BAKED BROWNIES ARE AT SCHOOL BY TUESDAY, Jan 26th.


Pan 1 Garrett           

Pan 2 Garrett           


Pan 3 Brian             

Pan 4 Brian             


Pan 5 Taylor            

Pan 6 Taylor            


Pan 7 Taive          

Pan 8 Taive

Pan 9  Mellisa
Pan 10 Morgan


Tuesday, January 26th - Corbin will type an announcement to be distributed to each elementary class and distribute them to the teacher boxes on Tuesday, January 29th.  Make sure to give a copy to Kelly for Morning Announcements for all three days (Tues, Wed, and Thursday.)


Tuesday, January 26th - Brian and Garrett will hang the Brownie sales flyers throughout the school.



Please help cut and wrap brownies during 7th hour on Wednesday, January 29th.  Jennifer in the kitchen has donated foil squares for this project.   


Thursday, January 30, 2014 - NHS Concession Stand:  JH basketball only so it will not last past 6:30pm.  PLEASE SIGN UP FOR A SPOT TO WORK ON THE NHS BULLETIN BOARD.  Thanks!  You're awesome leaders!!  



                        Shifts: 3:45-5:00                   5:00-6:30