Minutes from January 9, 2014 meeting

NHS Meeting


Present:     Beth, Jenny, Mallori, Jessica, Garrett, Corbin, Melissa, Taive, Bailey, Taylor & Morgan


Absent:      Brian


Upcoming Events


NHS group photos:                         Tuesday, January 14th (bring your NHS shirts)


NHS Concession Stand:                Thursday, January 30th, 2014.  We will be baking two sheets of brownies to sell for $1 each.  Ms. Splichal has purchased frosting and Mrs. Roelle and she will bake the brownies.  Members will need to sell the brownies after school and sell the leftovers during concessions.  We will meet again to figure out details. (Will need to announce to gradeschool.)


Spring Parent Conferences:          The NHS will be greeting parents at the school entrance and escorting parents to rooms for conferences.  We will sign up for time slots.  This activity is part of NHS character and citizenship.


Spring Band Concert Ice-Cream Social: April 15, 2014 The cost will be $2.50 at the door (the night of the concert.). We are applying for donations for the food and supplies for this community event.  Members determined that tickets should be pre-sold for $2.00 for build your own ice-cream sundaes. 


To prepare members will:


1. Create banners

2. Create flyers for lockers

3. Print advance tickets (each member will be responsible for selling 5 tickets)

4. Items requested:  plastic tablecloths, toppings, spoons, bowls, strawberries, cherries, chocolate and caramel syrup, mini-chocolate chips, mini M&Ms, and crushed Oreos.