Notes from October 1, 2015, meeting

October 1, 2015


Meeting called to order: 12:31

Present: Ms Splichal, Payton, Mikenna, Jodie, Adam, Katie

Absent: N/A

Excused: N/A




Payton (Treasurer – Social Rep)


Upcoming NHS events:

a.            Highway Cleanup-October 21. Everyone will help

b.            RRW

c.            Teacher Conferences - Spring only event (cookies)

d.            Crush Event

e.            Ice-Cream Social - in May


Red Ribbon Week: Friday, October 23 - Friday, October 30


Friday, October 23

        1. Miss Colorado 2015 USA assembly speaker, last event as the title
        2. coverage at P-5 assembly 8:15-8:45 - Jodie
        3. all members attend 6-12 assembly 8:45-9:45
        4. What are we going to hand out? Kick off contest prizes-mini footballs, stickers, pencils, suckers,
        5. Donuts for winning classes-Red Day Wednesday, Elementary- Banners 
        6. Jodie will pick up donation request from Sterling Walmart for winning classes (poster and red day)
        7. Throw mini balls at each assembly VP-6523
        8. Pick something when they sign the pledge. VP-6514
        9. During Red Ribbon Week      

a.    Adam   Announcements (6 facts or spirited saying ex: Give someone a compliment today.)

          1. Payton and Ms. S        paint we are drug and bully free sayings/hang balloons? large red ribbons
          2. Jodie    make ribbon pins for staff
          3. Jodie & MiKenna         announce elementary poster contest & announce RED DAY (Wednesday) Banners due the 23
          4. Katie create Sign the Pledge posters elementary/secondary


8.            Can Drive/Trick or Treating (traditionally the 31st)

a.    Adam – explain trunk or treat:



·         Put out buckets around town (COOP, Hotspot, School, and Post Office) - Hand out fliers; trick-or-treat for cans on Saturday; or

·         Trunk or Treat event Friday, Oct. 30th

·         Trunk or Treat event planning on doing it on Oct. 30th

·         Payton deliver flyers and buckets


9.    On Friday, October 23 wear club t-shirt for website picture Club Pictures.

10.  Next meeting Monday October 19, 2015


Meeting Adjourned:12:51