Minutes from February 11, 2015

Peetz National Honor Society Meeting February 11th, 2015

Vice-President: Mikenna

·        Call meeting to order at __12:39_pm


Secretary: Mikenna

·        Roll Call

Present: Jessica, Lacee, Jodie, Mikenna

Absent: Jenni G., Mallori B.,

Tardy: Adam, Garrett, and Brian


Vice-President: Mikenna

·        Read the following statement from our Sponsor, Ms. Splichal:


Purchases are coming along great for our Crush Event.  As you may know- an AED machine, costs well over one-thousand dollars to purchase.  I would ask that EACH member of NHS support his/her own organization and purchase at least ONE Crush.  Please think of students who would be thrilled and honored to receive a Crush.  This is not a “romantic” thing, but for fun!


I realize that each of you are busy.  Thank you to the members who have stepped up and helped out over the past two weeks! We LITERALLY could not have done this without you. 


I have ordered the Crush.  Jessica has been working hard inputting orders for us and has a running total of approximately 120 Crushes sold.  There are only two more days to go until this event is over.  Please work together to help make this a success.


Have a positive attitude regarding your own event. Through experiences such as NHS, you will learn that whether you “get along” with everyone or not – it is mature to pull together for the overall good of the cause (which in this case is our NHS reputation and the Peetz Community). Thank you again everyone!


-Ms Splichal


Social Coordinator: Lacee

·        Announcement of individual duties for Crush Event along with a confirmation from each member of when and how each duty will get done


Items in BOLD still need to be completed:


a.       Print order forms add AED logo & create parent letter: Jennifer

b.      Hang posters/flyers add AED logo/Create Banner: Mikenna, Jodie, Mallori

c.       Ask for donations: Lacee and Mallori

d.      Get donation in Sterling & purchase five 12-packs (cancel SAVE): Mallori

e.       Pick up donation in Sidney: Mrs. Splichal

f.        Pick up Crush pop in Sidney on Thursday: Ms. Splichal

g.      Bring pop in from Ms. Splichal’s vehicle: Brian, Garrett

h.       cut out hearts: Jodie, Adam, Ms. Splichal, & Lacee

i.         put hearts on wall: Mikenna, Jessica, Mrs. Splichal

j.        Tag cans: Mallori, Jessica, Garrett, and Brian

k.      Distribute pop: Jessica, Mallori, Jennifer, Adam






1.      NHS Recycling Center

·        Permanent?

a.       Speak with Wayne and Randy

b.      Collecting days and donation locations – Service Coordinator

c.       Safeway and Legion Park in Sidney, Sterling? Peetz?


2.      Hopscotch on playground

·        Garrett, Brian, Adam, Lacee?


3.      Membership

·        Member/officer obligations

·        Chapter bylaws

·        Upcoming ceremony

a.       Announcement of new members (2 weeks prior to banquet)

b.      Obtain list of eligible students

c.       Create membership acceptance announcement card

Meeting was adjourned at 12:50 pm.

Peetz NHS Secretary, Mikenna Curlee