January 30, 2015

NHS Meeting Minutes

Friday, January 30, 2015


PRESENT: Jodie, Jessica, Mallori, Adam, Lacee, Brian, and Garrett



Call Meeting to Order:12:35

1.               Treasurer’s Report: Ms Splichal for Jessica $602.58

2.               Crush Event Feb. 3-13th


Jenni:    subcommittees

Print order forms add AED logo/Create parent letter: Jennifer

Hang posters/flyers add AED logo (Wed. Feb. 4)/Create Banner: Mikenna, Jodie, Mallori

Ask and pick up donations: Lacee & Mallori

Pick up Crush pop: Brian, Garrett

Buy Crush Pop: Mrs. Splichal, Jennifer

Cut out hearts: Jodie, Adam, Lacee

Tag cans (1st and 2nd Hour): Seniors 1st Hour - Juniors 2nd Hour 

Distribute pop: Jessica, Mallori, Jennifer

*Proceeds donated towards AED for Peetz Community Center

Idea of recycling for the Science Club and Hopscotch was tabled until next meeting

Meeting adjourned at 12:47

MiKenna Curlee, Secretary