Minutes from January 26, 2015

NHS Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, January 28

Treasurer’s Report: Ms Splichal for Jessica $602.58

NHS Recycling Center

a.       Permanent?

Meeting was adjourned at 12:57. We planned to meet again next Wednesday the 28th.

b.      Speak with Wayne and Randy

Collecting days and donation locations – Service Coordinator

1.      Safeway and Legion Park in Sidney

2.      Sterling? Peetz?

c.       Hopscotch on playground

                                                               i.      Garrett, Brian, Adam, Lacee?

     II.            Membership

a.       Member/officer obligations

b.      Chapter bylaws

c.       Ceremony

                                                               i.      Announcement of new members (2 weeks prior to banquet)

                                                             ii.      Purchase banner, candles, and membership pins

1.      Find prices – treasurer

                                                            iii.      Obtain list of eligible students

1.      Create membership acceptance announcement card