Minutes from February 2, 2014

NHS Meeting February 14, 2014

Present:  Mallori, Morgan, Beth, Jessica, Bailey, Melissa, Brian, Garrett, Jenni, Taive, and Corbin

Absent:  Taylor

Elections were held today during the meeting.  Students signed up for any office they would agree to serve and were given two minutes to state why they would be the ideal candidate for that office.  After each candidate spoke, any used time was given back to each candidate to be used for elaboration or rebuttal.  The 2014 Election Results are as follows:

President- Taive, Vice President- Morgan, Secretary- Beth, Treasurer- Jessica, Volunteer Coordinator- Bailey, and Service Coordinator- Melissa

Thank you for upholding a respectful election process.  Although there will be days that you will ask yourself, “What was I thinking!” Your future will forever be enriched by taking on this added responsibility and leadership role. 

NHS has had a tremendous response to the Crush for your Crush event.  Thank you Jenni G for brainstorming and pre-planning this project for the group.  Jessica, Mallori, and Taive have spent countless hours working on the specifics and Mallori & Brian took everything down. It’s such a pleasure to see members pull together for the organization’s future.

The same was true of the NHS Brownie Sales event.  The response was overwhelming so this group pulled together and bakes more pans of brownies for a repeat sale.  Thank you Jessica, Melissa, Morgan, Jenni and Corbin for cutting and wrapping all of the brownies, I would like to thank all of you for your help!  I truly appreciate each one of you!

Upcoming Events:

·        Service and Volunteer Coordinators:  plan the Parent Teacher Conference service project (cookies and escort parents.)

·        Treasurer and President:  Prepare Ice-Cream Social donation requests

·        New Member Selection Forms (it’s time to start recruiting new members)

·        Paint the playground?

Next meeting will be held Monday, March 10, 2014.  Please grab your lunch head to Ms. Splichal’s room for an “eat and meet.”





Beth B

Secretary, Peetz National Honor Society