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We need donations for our Street Project!



The Peetz Lions and Peetz School are trying to pave the swamp (street) north of the gym. We are asking for donations to help pay for this big project. Contact the Lions or the school office for details.     

Thanks to fantastic community support Peetz School is excited to be part of the street up-grade project for the west end of Main Street. We will be concentrating on the one block section immediately north of the gym. The plan calls for concrete paving to match the existing main street width west to the fire hydrant in length, as well as an addition of a run off gutter that will extend around the west end of the track and will empty into the field just east of the wind break. Take a look at the drawings for added details. Even though the community and school have pledged considerable funds we are still asking for donations to finish this significant project.   

Street Project Request for Help

Project Spec Details