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Building Success in the Classrooms


Through visible learning, we are finding new and exciting ways to produce student-friendly learning intentions for our students, while giving them success criteria to ensure that they know why and how to achieve success.  Teachers will use sequential instruction and teachable chunks to empower the learning progression of all students. 

Our goal is to empower every student to not just learn but to truly understand the learning process that will not only work best for themselves but also in which way to achieve success in their own unique way.  Our staff will be looking for successful moments and examples of exemplar material in which we can use as examples to other students.  We will also be using these materials and highlighting the successes on our building wall in the school.

It is our privilege to show off the students and their building of success here at Peetz.

Thank you all for your support at home and within the school without each and every one of you this would not be possible.