• Peetz School Board

    President - Brad Segelke
    1st Term - Elected 2013
    2nd Term - Re-elected 2017

    Vice President - Danny Wood
    1st Term - Appointed 2017

    Treasurer - Greg Nienhuser
    Filled vacant position thru Nov 2017
    1st Term - Elected 2017

    Secretary - Tiffany Vallier
    1st Term - Elected 2015

    NEBOCES Rep - Mike Hill
    1st Term - Elected 2015

    For description and duties of the board, please refer to the District Policies, Section B: Governance

  • Board Meeting Documents

    Board Meeting Agendas, minutes, recordings and financial records are stored online in the above link for the public. Past meetings for prior years are linked to the right under Financial Transparency and Board Minutes. 



Last Modified on August 13, 2019