• General Requirements
    Peetz High School
    Agriculture Education
    General Requirements
                    Each student who intends to enroll in Agriculture Education should have an occupational objective in an agricultural area and have plans to carry out a supervised agriculture experience (SAE) that is related to the student’s occupational objective.
                    Each student who intends to enroll in Agriculture Education should have an interest in agriculture and want to work toward his or her occupational objective in agriculture.  If you do not have a positive attitude and do not want to work you are wasting your time, your fellow students’ time as well as the instructor’s time.  Remember that Agriculture Education I is the only required class beyond your freshmen year Agriculture Education is an elective.
                    Agriculture Education is divided into four areas of concentration:
    I.                     Agriculture Sciences (classroom)
    1.                    Each student will be required to keep a notebook of classroom and shop work.  The notebook will be graded on a quarterly basis and used in figuring course grade.
    2.                    Each student will be expected to complete the requirements of the class.
    3.                    Quizzes will be given on a weekly schedule over the material covered during the week.
    4.                    Quarter tests will be given at the end of each nine weeks.
    5.                    Individual student assignments will be  graded on random basis
    II.                   Agricultural Mechanics (shop)
    1.                   Each student will be expected to complete assigned skill requirements before starting on an individual shop project.
    2.                   Each student will be required to furnish a pair of SAFET Y GLASSES for shop use during shop periods.  Students should mark their name on these.
    3.                    Colorado State law requires that each student will wear eye protection while working in the shop area.  Students entering the shop area will be responsible for the use of eye protection at all times. Each student will furnish their own eye protection and will be financially responsible for them.
    4.                    Each student is expected to participate in shop clean up as a matter of safety. Grades will be given on completion of shop work and clean up.
    5.                    The use of the shop is a privilege, if the shop is left in disarray and found unsafe to work in, then the privilege to work in the shop will be taken away!
    6.                    Each student should have definite plans for shop projects. Projects shall be related to their home farm or SAE.  A bill of material will be required prior to construction or repair.
    III.           Supervised Agriculture Experience (SAE)
    1.                   Each student must be involved in some type of SAE by the end of the first nine weeks of the school year.
    2.                    Each student is required to keep records on his or her SAE, as quarter grades will be given and included as part of the quarter course grade.
    3.                    Each student will be required to maintain his or her individual student file.
    III.                 FFA
    1.                   Since the FFA organization is an integral part of agriculture education and not an extra curricular activity, points will be given on the students’ participation in the local FFA chapter.
    2.                   Ag I students will be required to join the FFA, without this requirement in the first year you will not receive the full offerings of the Ag Program.
    3.                   Students enrolled in agriculture education at Peetz High School are highly expected to belong to and participate in the activities that FFA has to offer.
    4.                    Students will abide by the Colorado FFA Association’s Rules and Discipline Policies and Procedures: and by chapter requirements concerning all FFA activities.
    Grades for Agriculture Education will be determined by the following percentages.
                    1.             Classroom                                               60%
                    2.             SAE                                                         15%
                    3.             Record Book                                           15%
    4.             FFA Activities                                        10%         

                            (Student and Parent signature is required on above form.)
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